I am a Lecturer in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Amsterdam with a PhD in Linguistics from the University of Hong Kong and a BA&BEd from Hong Kong Baptist University. I am also a Fulbright Scholar alumna of the University of Arizona (USA), as well as a Universitas 21 Scholar alumna of the University of British Columbia (Canada) and Ohio State University (USA).

My research attempts to answer fundamental questions related to human speech by using empirical data collected first-hand in the laboratory and in the field. My work on tone and stress interaction asks whether the realisation of linguistic rhythm can be explained by the iambic-trochaic law, whose evidence can also be found in music. My works also explore different dimensions of speech sounds, including sociophonetics, new varieties of Englishes, language and music, prosodic typology through data mining and statistical modelling, the use of ultrasound imaging, and fieldwork (e.g. Indonesia 2015, 2017; Thailand 2017, 2019). 

I am looking for an academic position. Contacting me for relevant openings and passing on my information to interested departments will be much appreciated. Thank you!


Featured on RTHK31's TV programme, Hong Kong Stories: Local plus+, as a Cantonese linguist. This programme gives us a glimpse of the efforts that Stephen Matthews (HKU) and Robert Bauer (HKU) put into studying various aspects of Cantonese over the past few decades. 

Click on the screenshot to watch the 20-minute video dubbed and subtitled in English. Click here for the original video in Cantonese.

Awarded with Diana Archangeli (UA) a Universitas 21 Research Project Award to collaborate with Douglas Pulleyblank (UBC), Zoe Lam (UBC), Andrei Anghelescu (UBC), Marjorie Chan (OSU), Björn Köhnlein (OSU), Yuhong Zhu (OSU), and Nohyong Kim (OSU).